Environmental Cooling

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Ventilation

Environmental Cooling (UK) Ltd Air Conditioning and Ventilation Installation

Air Conditioning Design & Installation

With vast experience of designing and installing air conditioning systems to suit any layout and any environment, we understand that creating a comfortable office environment that will keep your clients returning and your staff operating at maximum productivity is all about striving for the perfect internal environment, excellence in internal design is critical. Layout, lighting; decoration; flooring; etc; are integral components in ensuring happy customers and staff.

We can also help creating a comfortable environment at home for you and your family but also provide solutions to keep unsightly unit hidden or in keeping with your décor. 

Refrigeration Design & Installation

Internally the company has the skill set to not only design and install air conditioning systems but in addition refrigeration plant, typically retail (cabinets, cold stores etc.) through to process systems (plastics industry, air dryers; food process etc.)

Ventilation Design & Installation

We design and install fresh air supply and extract systems in most of the air conditioning installations we install, these systems are designed to meet (a) legal requirements and (b) excellent energy efficiency.

We also have vast experience in the design and installation of systems for wash rooms, kitchen extract; fume extraction etc.