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Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance

We provide annual preventative maintenance on equipment to ensure the system provides you with the maximum performance.

In addition we are a registered F gas contractor which allows us to carryout checks on your equipment containing refrigerant gas, to ensure it does not leak into the atmosphere. This is a legal requirement; we will maintain records on your behalf.

Benefits of having an Annual Preventative Maintenance Contract:

  • To ensure your systems perform to provide maximum benefit
  • Our qualified and highly skilled engineers will call at least twice a year
  • Air Conditioning visits are scheduled to suit you
  • We will ensure your air conditioning operates safely
  • Any faults will be reported to you and a quotation will be arranged
  • We will maintain your records should the Environmental authorities need to check

Air Conditioning maintenance visits include:

  • Regulatory F-Gas leakage testing as required under EC Regulation 517/2014
  • Full functionality testing of all Air Conditioning equipment
  • A standard annual contract will include 2 annual visits at 6 monthly intervals to carryout preventative maintenance

The following would be carried out on each unit:

  • Check and clean the condenser (outdoor unit) and evaporator (indoor unit) coils
  • Check fan, fan motor, compressor and compressor mountings
  • Check all electrical connections
  • Check fuses and test operation of electrical isolator and contactors
  • Check condensate pump operation
  • Check and flush condensate drain and tray
  • Check condensate drain pipe work
  • Check air ducts and air grilles
  • Check refrigerant pipe work for integrity and thermal insulation
  • Check expansion valves, three way valves and solenoid valves
  • Check start and running amps
  • Check unit operation, controls and mode of operation
  • Ensure unit is clean and undamaged
  • Remove and clean return air filters